Kensington kid


I was born in November of 1964, the Beatles were on top of the US charts, US voters recently elected incumbent president Lyndon Johnson over Barry Goldwater and our country was deeply involved in the conflict in Vietnam.  I was eventually told that I was of German and Irish descent even though my grandmother on my mother’s side was from Croatia. Go figure! To my family, St. Patrick’s Day, Von Steuben Day, Pulaski Day or whatever day just meant another center city parade and nothing more.  None of that mattered anyway as we never discussed descent or ancestry around my house. As a matter of fact, we really didn’t discuss much at all. I’m sure if he were ever asked; my dad would think a family tree is the thing that was growing in the backyard three houses away. No, where we came from that was actually known as the neighborhood tree...


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"Kensington Kid was an enjoyable read that captured the small town (small minded, suspicious, envious and proud) nature of one of Philadelphia's legendary neighborhhoods."

- Clark DeLeon

Columnist, Author

"I recognized some of my youth and my friends in the book... Write like you talk. Don’t try to show off.” Bill mastered that. The books sounds like a real person is talking right to you. That’s a rare thing and a good thing"

- Stu Bykofsky

Philadelphia Daily News

What People Are Saying

Pimple Balls, Halfies, "Chucks," Sellin' Pretzels, Scrubbin' the Steps, Ridin' the EL, Shopping on the Ave, Goin' to K&A, Playin' under the Fireplug, Runnin' from the Cops, Candy Stores, Corner Bars, Hucksters, Pizza Trucks, Fistfights, Hoagies, Cheesesteaks, Midway Movies, Kelly's Korner, Levins, Record Spot, The Swimmo, May Processions, Ramblers, Needle Park.....


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