Wildwood weeks

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Including nearly 60 pictures and 200 pages!

If your summer vacations included rides on the Hell Hole & Flyer. If you have memories of the Wipe Out, Pirate Ship Skua, Castle Dracula or Kong. If you ate at Zaberer's, The Captain's Table or stood in line for Groff's. If you played golf on a rooftop or spent time in the Fun Shop. If you remember the trampolines or got sick on the Turbo. If you still can't decide if the Wacky Shack or Keystone Kops was greater. If you have been eating the same pizza for the last forty plus years. If your family vacatins were slightly disfuctional like mine. This book is for you!

“...Exactly the way I remember it! That is after I read the book - It's like being in a time machine. Even better than Kensington Kid, and I love that book”

- Rachel Roth

“...I love books that help me remember how great it was being a kid!

- Cheryl Schmidt


For the sake of this book, “Wildwood is Wildwood” or for that matter

“The Wildwoods are The Wildwoods.” There is no differentiating between Wildwood, Wildwood Crest, West Wildwood, North Wildwood, Wildwood By The Sea or even Anglesea. To me, growing up they were one and the same.

As a kid I can remember for several weeks following each vacation how fun it was to share stories and experiences with family and friends and I quickly came to realize just how similar each of our vacations really were.  We may not have all been together as a group, but strangely enough we did the same things, rode the same rides, ate the same food, shared in the same sights, sounds and smells, and told the same stories year after year....  



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